Kerri Blackman Art

Original abstract expressionist paintings and contemporary art from the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to my online gallery! I take great pleasure in creating my paintings and I hope they give you pleasure as well.




I have been an artist all my life. (I know this because my mother told me so from a very young age and of course I believed her!) I love art. I love painting and drawing, color, all of it. When I was younger, I mainly stuck to representational art, being so inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest where I have lived all my life. But as I get older I am more interested in the intangible things, the feelings beyond the colors and shapes around me. 

I am continually awed and inspired by the things around me, small and great. Stormy nights, the cliffs on the Oregon Coast, flowers from my garden, trees-which have always been a great love to me... ferns, seeds, little foresty things, faces of interesting people. When my paintings connect with someone else, I feel that we are loving the same things together.